If you wish to manage or sign up for a new account at this time please call 708 389 9432, email towercarwash.joe@gmail.com or stop in and see us thank you and have a wonderful day. 

About us

Contact us:

Phone: (708) 389-9432

Fax: (708) 389 9142


  • Specific only to our Blue Island location is our unlimited wash club.
  • Wash as many times as you want for one low monthly fee!
  • SUPER WASH for $19.95
  • RAIN-X ULTIMATE WASH for $24.95
  • CARNAUBA ULTIMATE for $29.95  
  • Click below to sign up and go unlimited today!

    Our Blue Island location has

been owned and operated since

1977. Originally it was 2 tunnels

on the south side of the lot, one

is still in operation, which is only

used in the busy months.

   The tunnel that we all know

and love on the north side of the

lot was built in 1992. Here we

have 4 wash packages

  •  $5 Basic Wash and Dry
  •  $8 Super Wash
  •  $10 Ultimate Rain-X
  •  $12 dollar Hot Foam Carnauba Wax, which includes a 5-day guarantee.


On the west side of Western

Ave is our Blue Island self-service

bays. We have 6 bays that accept quarters only.

  • Wash for $2.50 and you will receive 5 minutes of wash time.